About Us

We treat property owners, investors, staff, and outside service providers with respect, honesty and courtesy, as we’d like to be treated.

​KS/Ok ​Independent Oil and Gas Operating Company

Mutual Success

We strive to expand the market, improve service, lower risk, decrease costs and bring new information and ideas to our teams and our investors.  Our pledge is to provide our investors with the best result for every land dollar they spend with us.  We promise to deliver what we know we can do and strive to deliver what we dream we can do.

We strive to be the most innovative and sought-after independent oil and natural gas operating company in the Kansas/Oklahoma region.  We continually strive to improve our people, our processes and our production to maintain our status as an industry leader.  We build long-term relationships based on resourcefulness, mutual trust and respect with our investors and employees as well as the community.

Mission Statement